Monday, 21 January 2013

Dear Diary... Balmy, Palm Tree days

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While the snow is falling outside in London, I choose to dream of desert island days and the vanilla scent of hot summer nights.

 If finding inspiration beyond grey skies and sprinkles of white snow is proving too hard then cast your eye out East. Something is always cooking in Hackney and one of my favourite interiors labels, House of Hackney, based in the heart of the creative East End, has just conjured up a sizzling new print which puts the summer into winter. Their new fabric, Palmeral, in either Midnight Green or Day Green - a palmette pattern on dark navy will inspire rainforest dreams on humid nights - or palm tree leaves on a crisp white background will magic up hammock daydreams... 

Similarly, House of Hackney's Wild Card pieces and prints mix a little conservatory style with a some exotic charm - bringing the outdoors in.

They have also released a balmy, palmy cushion to heat up your sofa. I can't wait to see what's next for House of Hackney. Right now I want my very own hothouse with tropical plants and palms!

Tropical greenhouse at Floral Park (Parcs Florales) in Nice, France.

Tropical hothouse at La Casa del Wacho, Manteo, NC.

 Mmm, pineapples! I'll keep dreaming... thanks for the dreams House of Hackney!

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