Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Let there be light...

As much as I might try, after spending 6 years in the Northern Hemisphere I still can't shake my South Pacific instincts for light and heat. 

While we're all cosied up in twinkly pubs, sloshing back more than our fair share of mulled wine and roast dinners there is no denying that as it continues to get colder and darker, our dreams for the addictive kiss of vitamin D don't let us rest.

For now, resting ones eyes on hot, colour-drenched photography will have to do. Shot for L’Officiel Singapore, May 2013 by Chuando & Fray, this enhanced dream-scape is exactly the sort of escapist imagery required to let you imagine the suns sizzle. We're transported to a contemporary, trippy-hippie dreamland where the cinematic quality of the imagery enables tales of  peace & love to unfold.

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