Thursday, 11 October 2012

Curiosity Shop #7

I’ve just spotted Mat Collishaw prints at the Multiplied Art Fair at Christie's, South Kensington! I'm so excited as I just love Mat Collishaw's work. Multiplied, which opens to the public tomorrow, is a great way to view a number of International galleries in one space for free.The cheaper alternative to Frieze, it exhibits only editions and multiples including prints, photographs, digital, artists' books and 3-D multiples. Rumour has it that Pixie Geldof’s band Violet are playing at tomorrow’s Art Wednesday event! One of the 'Nice to Meet You' event series, it is strictly ticketed or invites only so get in quick!

Matt Collishaw, Insecticide 13, 2010 

Glittery, sparkly moths: so soft, so delicate. With powdery wings so vulnerable they could disintegrate into tiny crumbles of dust.

Matt Collishaw, Insecticide 14, 2010 

I would hang this above a large fireplace and watch the flames lick and fizzle. Dust and dreams.

Matt Collishaw, Insecticide 13, 2009

The perfect specimen for my Curiosity Cabinet.

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