Friday, 19 October 2012

Curiosity Shop #8

Orchids & Peonies

'Orchids are like perfectly evolved little sculptures in themselves, they're full of colour, interesting shapes and beauty. Even though they are a plant's reproductive organs, they pun on human ones too. They make you realise it is colour, life and sexuality that keeps the world turning'.

Well thank god for Marc Quinn. He creates art to remind us that the world keeps turning through colour and sex.  Sometimes in the hum drum of everyday life, bogged down and tired we need a little reminder that life’s pleasures keep our worlds moving.

As winter sets in for us here in London, I am already beginning to feel the encroaching gloom that the cold brings. The leaves fall, the days get shorter, our footsteps heavier and our once colourful lives fade into monotone.

Compelled to brighten my days, I indulged in a spot of curiosity shop shopping at last weeks Multiplied Art Fair at Christie's.

Bright and sexy, one of Marc Quinn’s orchids has found a special place on my wall and given my days added sparkle and light.

Meteor IV, Marc Quinn, 2012

10 x 10 cm

Meteor IV, a digital archival print, is one in a series of eight brightly hued beauties. With this one in my possession, my plan is to collect the whole series one winter at a time! Now, when I slowly drag myself into the day, I awake to a smiling orchid reminding me that life – one of sex and beauty - goes on.

Thank god for Marc Quinn.

Meteor VI, Marc Quinn, 2012
10 x 10 cm

Under the Volcano, Bus-Obu Mongolia, Marc Quinn, 2011

Under the Volcano, (Digitial print with silkscreen glaze), edition of 150, Marc Quinn

Burning Desire, Marc Quinn, 2011

Exhibited at Sotheby's annual selling exhibition at Chatsworth House in 2011.

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