Thursday, 1 November 2012

Curiosity Shop # 9


It’s Halloween week so why not spookify your interior! Get inspired by the dark and the decadent by displaying groups of antique poison bottles. Groupings of the same type of object is a great way to create and develop a collection. By creating a group display you can show off your favourite objects with the impact of multiples.

Becoming a collector is fun! Hunt out variants of your preferred glass or ceramics at local markets. Medicine or apothecary bottles in pretty colours are favourites of mine. Elegant with an element of the macabre, a poison bottle on display is a dangerous accent to an interior needing some spine-tingling atmosphere.

I have found a pretty cool array of ceramic and glass antique bottles hunting around London's antique markets and car boot fairs. Patience, magpie-eyes and an ability to barter are key!


Scale – Consider the scale of the items as well as their colors, purpose, and shapes. Don’t choose just one size of bottle - think different heights and widths. This breaks monotony and creates interest. Experiment with different colours and textures or choose to display one colour of differing shapes.  

Selection - Think carefully about the rest of the room and where you will place your collection. The aim is to reflect your taste in collecting but not to overwhelm or clutter. Group them in odd numbers or creative ways, but keep them together.

Size – ‘The more the merrier’ should not be considered when creating a collection display. You may be obsessed with owning as many amber poison bottles as you can but displaying too many will just lose the magic of grouping. Perhaps rotate your favourite bottles over time or scatter them in small groups around the house.
Let's Little Black Book it!

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