Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Dear Diary.... brand, spanking new!

It's always exciting to discover new design initiatives in your own neighbourhood so we were very happy to meet Christina Moss, one half of the Dalston duo responsible for the brand, spanking new furniture company Poridge. In their infancy Poridge already has big ideas and slick designs. They want furniture to be a philosophy and not just a design feature or functional necessity: 'we don't think furniture is the end, it is merely just the beginning of something much bigger.' With an aim to hold monthly events to showcase their work and network with likeminded people, their project is bigger than simply putting furniture into homes. Unashamedly aware of the pretensions this may imply, they wish to start a new, effortless and cool lifestyle. With acid colours sprayed onto vintage finds they certainly wet The Curiosity Cabinet's appetite for fresh innovation.

Poridge restore and enliven used furniture as well as make bespoke pieces. Fresh, minty hues and a zesty orange combined with the light tones of stained beech or the inflections of oak Poridge is a vacation for the interior and an escape for the mind. Philosophical. 

 Tiffany blue and orange tropical stools

Tiffany blue dipped stools  

1970's chest of drawers, tiffany blue legs

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