Thursday, 13 June 2013

Dear Diary... Queen of Style

Contemporary gallerist and designer Muriel Grateau's pieces are as effortlessly chic as her personal style. Her minimalist tableware in vibrant colours are designed to complement and not compete with their surroundings - enabling interior decoration to become a simple pleasure. Just as the noir-clad gallerist can be paired with any artwork, these pared-back pieces could work with complex and varied setttings.

Muriel Grateau's style is as chic, smart and intelligent as her gallery and design concepts. The display in her gallery, which was newly refurbished in September last year, is a purist approach to minimalism: Grateau deletes absolutely everything that is not the focal point.

The new space has avant-garde materials to match: white mineral resin, powdered paint, white lacquered steel plate and LED lighting.

The pieces are innovative also. Working with a small French artisanal porcelain producer, the style queen herself has created a new porcelain technique. The plates are tinted with colour while they're being made, rather than being painted on after, which is entirely different to traditional porcelain decoration.

She also designs sculptural Art Deco jewellery, that when worn articulates the body like little pieces of living architecture. Very CC we thought!

Muriel Grateau gold enamelled brooch in glittered black & white stripes and set with diamonds.

Muriel Grateau rock crystal bangle with black sapphires and matching  rock crystal ring encircled with black diamonds.

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